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Barely Legal: Janelle

Watch as these innocent virgins discover their sexual excitement for the first time. Co-eds pull down their clean panties and show you their bodies. If you like them young and pure (ha!), hold onto your seat 'cause Janelle will show you how she likes to be pleased in a very close up and intimate way.


Barely Legal: Brett

Brett is one coed who likes to have men watch her as she shows and tells all in ways more revealing than you could ever imagine! The last of a dying breed: a virgin pure and simple who dreams of getting it on as she pulls off those sparkling clean panties.


 Barely Legal: Stephanie

If you believe that Stephanie is one of the last innocent virgins, you're really going to get off watching this cute coed drop her squeaky clean panties and show you her most valuable assets, while telling you about her very intimate moments with her boyfriend and her girlfriend!


Barely Legal: Angelina

An angel she's not, an innocent virgin, not for a long, long time. Here Angelina shares her lurid stories of sex with her teacher while stripping buck naked next to her bed and giving herself a little extra pleasure that she didn't get last night.

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