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Eileen Daly

Erica Steele is haunted by nightmares about demon worship, ritual sacrifice and a mysterious redheaded woman. She sees a hypnotherapist whose specialty is past life regression and who discovers that inside Erica is the soul of a demon vampire trying to get out!


 White Stalker

Three beautiful nurses are being stalked by a serial rapist who breaks into their apartment and kills a boyfriend. In retaliation, the women plan the ultimate revenge....!


 Obsessive Affairs

Beautiful Greta Hanson is on parole after serving a year in prison for drug and prostitution charges. After much danger and surprise we watch as she searches to break free from her past. Can she do it?


 Too Good to be True

"Babes. Bikinis! The Beach! It's Spring Break! Pretty girls head for the sun, surf...and guys! But a gang of local hoods decides they want the girls for themselves. Rick, a mysterious stranger, saves the day and becomes romantically involved with one of the girls. More fights ensue, are won, and the girls celebrate with a wild party in the woods that comes to a shocking end!

 CrystalForce II

Crystal Force II

Beazel is the master of a magical "Crystal" as well as the Devil's agent on Earth. When he gives his "Crystal" to Beth to make her life better, a terrifying monster appears and all HELL breaks loose.



Knight Harris, a driver and bodyguard for the scummy Judge T escort service, finds himself in a jam when he breaks the most important rule of the trade...he falls in love with Junde T's newest girl.

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