Bikini Med School

So how do Med School students relieve themselves of the stress of an arduous education? They party! This could be called soap opera but it's too dirty and the music is rock 'n roll. Bikini girls entertain through the night and Quinn U students enjoy wild and sexy extra-curricular which you are invited!

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Illegal Affairs 

Illegal Affairs

If you thought divorce was messy we wonder what you'll think about the extracurricular shenanigans at the not very proper law firmof Grimes and Peterson. And if the jury's out on one relationship, go on to another. Life is, after all, trial and error, no?


 Binini House Calls

Bikini House Calls

Is the doctor in? No, but he'll gladly come to your place. And if you're one of those gorgeous and ultra sexy bikini girls, watch out! He'll whip out his stethoscope and stick it in your face before you can say "ahh."


Fraternity Demon

It's party night on frat row. The sexy Jade and her band are there and the girls of Alpha Sigma Sigma are coming, dressed to kill. And when one of the boys accidentally conjures up the Demon of Sex and Lust, the temperature goes from hot to molten and all Hell breaks loose.


Divorce Law

At the law firm of Grimes & Peterson, adultry has never been so much fun. So don't object to their behavior, just join these lusting lawyers as they get a rise out of their clients and make a farce of the legal system. Guilty!


Brief Affairs

The continuing sexual adventures at the lawfirm of Grimes and Peterson, those wacky lawyers who sustain a level of indecency and infidelity that'll have you laughing all the way to the Supreme Court

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